15 Jazz Etudes for Saxophone   $10

These 15 etudes were written to show students as well as professionals some of the ways a jazz improviser can use the melodic minor scale. They are arranged in order of increasing difficulty with each one illustrating a particular musical situation in which the author has found the scale useful. All are based on a specific set of chord changes such as blues, rhythm changes or a well-known standard. In addition to finding varied harmonic uses for the scale each etude also presents the student with the opportunity to improve in a specific area. For instance, Etude #13 (based on “Nica’s Dream” by Horace Silver) not only illustrates the melodic minor scale’s use on various II-V-I’s and minor/major 7th chords, it also employs phrases that imply a two against three time feel and addresses the difficulties of switching between a Latin feel and a straight-ahead jazz feel. Etude #15 (based on the standard “You Stepped Out of a Dream”) is a transcription of a solo I played on a gig at the 55 Bar in New York City. It was played during the time that I was practicing the melodic minor scale intensely and is an example of how I worked out ideas on the scale at gigs during that time. Other etudes deal with odd time signatures, difficult keys and various harmonic situations. The articulations marked in each etude are there as a guide for musicians who may not be familiar with jazz phrasing. Experienced jazz musicians will use the markings as a guide but need not adhere to them strictly.

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The etudes are available in either PDF or hard copy format

Please indicate if you would like the book in C, Bb or Eb so that the standards the etudes are based on are in the “typical” keys for your instrument.